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    Power Conditioning And Back Up Solutions

    Today in a technologically advanced world, most of the critical applications make use of the continuous power supply for their day to day activities.
    Therefore it is essential for any organization to maintain a sustainable power supply and remove downtime irrespective of their size.
    We at NTIPL provide comprehensive AC and DC Power Back up Solutions to the mighty sized corporations, to the major industries and also for the domestic usage.

    Uninterruptible Power Supplies


    We offer UPS product range from 600VA <–> 4800KVA. Our range of UPS system contains uninterruptible power supplies in all power classes. These UPS systems are specifically adapted to the requirements of an IT environment. Here, an uninterruptible Power Supply is essential to ensure smooth operation and sufficient data protection. With UPS systems, computers and servers are protected against insufficient power quality and shut down running processes in a controlled way during any power cuts.

    Energy Efficiency


    NTIPL offers a comprehensive suite of Energy Efficiency Solutions designed to optimize your power consumption and enhance operational efficiency. Our offerings include APFC Panel, Active Harmonic Filter, Capacitor Bank, Passive Filter, Variable Frequency Drive Panel (VFD), LT Panels, and Switch Gear. Whether it’s improving power factor correction, reducing harmonic distortion, or enhancing control over electrical systems, NTIPL’s expert solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

    and Chargers


    We offer a wide range of battery systems and chargers. Range of batteries like 12V SMF & Fire Rated Batteries, Tubular Batteries, 2v/12v/24v/48v Batteries, Lithium-ion Batteries, Solar Batteries, SMF Batteries (12V) From 7AH to 200AH, Batteries (2V) 2V as the basic cell, with capacities ranging from 100Ah to 6000Ah

    UPS AMC Service

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    Our expert technicians provide comprehensive maintenance and support to keep your UPS systems running smoothly. With timely inspections, proactive troubleshooting, and swift resolution of issues, we ensure maximum uptime for your critical equipment. Trust Network Techlab for reliable UPS AMC solutions tailored to your needs.



    We at NTIPL provide high quality D.G. sets for uninterrupted power, a service by NTIPL which is backed by our qualified Service Engineers.

    UPS Restoration and Modification


    Experience seamless UPS restoration and modification services with NTIPL. Our expert technicians specialize in restoring UPS systems to optimal functionality and can customize modifications to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s upgrading capacity, enhancing efficiency, or implementing advanced features, NTIPL ensures your UPS operates at peak performance. Trust NTIPL for reliable UPS restoration and modification solutions tailored to your needs.

    Case Study

    Case Study