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We know that employee safety is of most importance for your organization.

Many of our customers are rapidly scaling remote work options for their employees during the COVID-19 outbreak. They have to ensure that they can securely and rapidly connect to all of their applications, including SaaS, cloud, and datacenter applications.

Working in conjunction with Palo Alto Networks, we are able to bring to you new offers to help secure your remote workforce at scale.

Prisma Access provides cloud-delivered security and access to employees all around the world, and allows you to quickly enable a mobile workforce, without the need to deploy additional hardware. As a cloud native platform, Prisma Access automatically scales to meet the demand of your mobile users to provide consistent connectivity and security to applications and data on premise or in the cloud.

If you would like Prisma Access, we understand time is of the essence and Palo Alto Networks is offering free accelerated deployment and onboarding of your remote users, with their QuickStart deployment services

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