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    LED Lighting Solutions

    Our NETVALUE LED products are not only Energy Efficient but also a light on the Pocket.

    The Prominent Features of LED Lights

    • An Average Life Span of 50,000 burning Hours
    • No Effect due to Random On / Off Switching Cycles
    • High Efficiency, Consumes Less Power @ 40-70 % against conventional lamps.
    • High Luminous Output : 105 to 120 Lum/Watt

    Types of LED Lighting Products:

                                    • LED Tube Lights
                                    • LED Panel Lights
                                    • LED 2 x 2 Panels
                                    • LED Down Lights
                                                • LED Street Lights
                                                • LED Floodlights
                                                • LED Low Bay, Medium Bay& High Bay Lights
                                                • LED High Mast Pole Lighting
                                                • LED Flame Proof Lighting Fixtures
                                                • LED Solar Street Lights
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