Even after using branded servers and Firewall Devices, do you see any failure in your data centre because of poor infrastructure management?

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    What do our Experts do in a Data Center Audit?

    1. Installation and operation of hardware and software.
    2. Equipment maintenance.
    3. Continuous performance monitoring.
    4. Operational monitoring.
    5. Software management and recovery procedures.

    Steps in Data Center Audit:

    Qualification meeting with the Data Center stakeholders and site visit, to understand

    • Customer awareness and strategies towards robust and green Data Centers
    • Discussion to identify the key areas of the energy assessment program
    • Short- and long-term customer expectations and objectives
    • Energy management policies

    Carry out a Data Center diagnosis in order to

    • Develop and measure the PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) metric Measure and develop performance profiles for Data Center elements (servers, storage, cooling, UPS)
    • Identify critical and main energy-consuming IT systems and infrastructure equipment
    • Analyze their current performance in terms of age, reliability and free capacity.
    • Identify a gap between current practices and state-of-the-art best practices for the next generation of Data Center operations
    • Identify potential energy-saving opportunities and areas for cost optimization.

    Deliver a detail report

    • PUE profile
    • The overall picture of Data Center power management, reliability and scalability
    • Gaps in practices and technology advances
    • Potential levers and recommendations for improving uptime and PUE.

    Develop solutions and follow up performance

    • Technology upgrades
    • Virtualization and consolidation
    • Power management solutions and processes
    • Data Center infrastructure improvements – (Automatic control systems, heat, ventilation and air-conditioning controls)

    Network Techlab offers the following expert independent Data Center Audits:

    • Data Center Audits as per international standards
    • Systematic Data Center Migration & overhauls
    • Data Center Assessment
    • Data Center Design Audit
    • Data Center Build Audit
    • Data Center Live Audit
    • Data Center Power Audit
    • Data Center Cooling Audit
    • Dafa Center Environmental Audit
    • Data Center Safety Audit

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