Data Center Air Quality Audit Services

Does your Data Center need Air Quality Audit to protect your servers?
If yes, NTIPL has the data center Air Quality Audit Services your facility needs to operate well.

We have provided Data Center Air Quality Audit Services for various sectors like Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, IT Parks, Commercial Towers, High Rise buildings & Governmental Organizations.


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Functioning of Data Center Air Quality Service:

A metal-plated coupon is placed in the Data Center room for a period of 30 days to check the contaminants or harmful gases like sulphur in the air. A detailed report stating the changes required (if any) to improve the Air quality by purification or filtration is shared with the customer to reduce corrosion on the servers and other electronic equipments.

Our clients enjoy the following additional benefits, which we have delivered:

  • Reduction in the failure of IT equipments
  • Reduces corrosion on servers and other IT devices thereby increasing the life of IT equipments
  • Improves air quality of Datacenter by detecting contaminants in the air
  • Reducing unexpected downtime of IT devices
  • Filtration of air in DC to improve efficiency
  • Maintaining concentration levels in the air for the ideal Datacenter Environment

Pointer Alignment in Air Filtration Solutions for DC:

Gaseous Contamination and Control

Particulate Filtration Solutions

Gaseous Filtration Solutions

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