Alcatel IP EPABX

The electronic private automatic branch exchange (EPABX) is equipment that has made day-to-day working in the offices much simpler, especially in the area of communication. The EPABX may be defined as a switching system that makes available both internal and external stitching functions of any organization. The selection of an EPBAX is a difficult task and requires deep knowledge of traffic pattern of the office. By using an EPABX both the internal and external needs of the organization are fully served. With the advent of powerful microprocessors and advancements in the field of computers, the EPBAX can boast of versatile features. Hotline can be established between the boss and his immediate subordinates.

The feature of a call transferring and forwarding is another area enabling mobility of the users. Auto conferencing and automatic redialing of numbers found engaged on the first trial are some of other advancements in the features of the EPBAX.

The selection of an EPBAX for an organization should be preceded by a thorough study of the needs of the office. This feature helps in doing away with a receptionist or an attendant. Further, the specifications should ensure hot outward dialing and remote servicing .

Our EPABX System is one of the high quality software communication platform which enabled to process multimedia call. Our range of EPABX is manufactured by most trusted vendor of the market. Thus, our EPABX deliver world-class business telephony features such as user-friendly voice communications, Call-forwarding, Automatic call distribution, durability, efficiency and less maintenance.

Embedded Features

  • Built in Voice Guided DISA
  • Built in ARS — Least cost routing
  • 16 sec. system music on hold
  • Built in Pre announcement (4 company greetings)
  • Manager secretary function
  • 2 mins. Customizable music on hold
  • 3 X 3 party conference
  • 3000 directory entries (Name dialing)
  • PC Telephony Software
  • Complete set of telephony set on PC with: 25 users
  • Incoming & outgoing call management
  • Call hold
  • Multiline management
  • Direct call keys Dial by name & redial
  • Centralized call log:
  • List of incoming answered / unanswered calls & outgoing calls with date, time & call duration.
  • Call initiation with the double click

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