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Transform The way you store Data

Welcome to Cloud Solutions offered from Network Techlab, the SaaS platform that redefines Application Hosting, Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), Core Management, Server Deployment and Storage Solutions. Our innovative technology is here to revolutionize your IT landscape, offering unmatched features and benefits that set us apart from the competition.

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Application Hosting

  • Seamlessly host your applications in the cloud
  • Unleash the power of scalability and flexibility
Backup & Disaster Recovery (DR)

Backup & Disaster Recovery (DR)

  • Safeguard your data and ensure business continuity
  • Rapid recovery, minimal downtime

Core Management

  • Streamline your core operations and boost productivity
  • Centralize control, minimize complexities

Server Deployment

  • Fast-track server deployment with ease
  • Efficient resource allocation, cost-effective

Storage Solutions

  • Optimize your storage needs, from small to massive data
  • Secure, reliable, and scalable storage options

Revamp Your IT Infra Today with unique benefits

1) Efficiency – Simplify operations and reduce costs.

2) Resilience – Ensure data safety and minimize downtime.

3) Scalability: Easily adapt to changing needs

4) Cost-Efficiency: Optimize IT budgets.

5) Support: Access responsive customer assistance.

6) Competitive Edge: Stay ahead with advanced features.

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Access to Certified Cloud Experts

Access to Certified Cloud Experts

Customized Sizing and Design

Customized Sizing and Design

24 x 7 Quality Support

24 x 7 Quality Support

Experts Managed Service

Experts Managed Service

Developer Co-ordination

Developer Co-ordination

Configuration Mentorship

Configuration Mentorship

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