It is mostly expected of women to have floating locks of hair, so usage of additional hair pieces is not something that a female would think twice about.All in all,hair pieces for women is it important.

Due to this reason, any male who has decided on using supplemental hair would face being compared to a female (in a rather degrading and condescending manner) and due to lack of experience with hair pieces for women, a male is running a greater risk of being discovered as wearing additional hair.

It is all because of the gender stereotypes that have existed since ages. Women are expected to have long locks and a fuller mane as this is seen as one of the symbols of femininity. Hence, the readiness in women to wear wigs or get hair-extensions. On the other hand, there’s minimal pressure on men to look good at all times. In comparison to women, there are hardly any societal parameters of beauty that men have to follow. For those who do so, they are being thought as sissy or effeminate. Hair pieces for women  so beautiful .Therefore, men are hesitant when it comes to wearing toupees and hair-pieces.