Fire Safety And Suppression

NTIPL provides fire alarm, fire detection and control and fire suppression solutions to keep people and valuable assets safe. From environmentally friendly clean agent and gases fire suppression systems to technologically advanced intelligent fire alarm systems and early warning detection, NTIPL has the fire protection solution to fit your application.

Role of Fire Alarm Systems have become very crucial with the inclusion of advanced technologies & sophisticated tools in the business settings. Human monitoring is not possible round the clock and sometimes hidden or deep ignition cannot be detected timely which causes the spread of fire.

Alarm Solutions

Alarming is an important component of firefighting. This process involves triggering either sound or light or both upon sensing the smoke or ignition.

By choosing us, you are assured of working with a company that has a well established reputation for quality products with firstclass support. The wide range of products from Honeywell Morley and Ravel conventional allows us to design the system that best suits your needs with the option to create and enhance your productivity as per your needs. Our extensive Team of trained engineers and maintenance operatives gives Our clients the best in class service as per their requirements.

How Fire Suppression System works

A typical fire suppression system consists of three basic components which are detection, actuation & delivery

  • Detection: This process is done via either of the two ways i.e. Mechanical or Electrical. In mechanical process, detection is done by fusible links while electrical process employs heat detectors to sense the fire ignition
  • Actuation: This component of fire suppression system deals with triggering of the extinguishing agent via release valves or pumps
  • Delivery : Delivery of the extinguishing agent is done through piping & nozzles to the affected area

Keeping in mind that different types of applications have specialized needs, NTIPL has designed a wide range of Fire Suppression Solutions that can put out fires efficiently.

NTIPL fire protection Solutions are effective, easy to use, and safe for people, key assets, facilities and the environment. Whether your needs are industrial, commercial or special hazard applications, we’ve got you covered.


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